Volunteering for animals. Need we say more?

Volunteering at the Potter League can be a fun and gratifying experience as you work with animals and fellow animal lovers. We depend on great volunteers to keep our organization thriving. Volunteer Login

Become a Volunteer

When you volunteer at the Potter League, you are joining a family of volunteers and staff committed to providing love and support for the homeless pets in our care. Please take the following steps to begin the process:


Attend a general information session. Sessions are held monthly in our Education Room and cover information about our mission, programs & services, volunteer opportunities, and the minimum requirements for all volunteers.


After attending a general information session, we will email you a volunteer application. We ask that you complete this application where you will self-schedule an orientation class as well. This orientation class includes a tour of the shelter and its inner workings and safety protocols, as well as an introduction to the many opportunities available to volunteers.


We ask that volunteers commit to a minimum of 4 hours a month for 6 months, as well as a one-time $20 fee (waived for college students) that covers the administrative processing, name tags and volunteer uniform.

See Upcoming Information Session Dates

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved at the Potter League, and help in any area is greatly appreciated. Below is an overview of the opportunities available.


Dog Walking (ages 15 & up)
ModSquad Team
Team Dog – Morning Care
Foster Care
Enrichment Support


Cat Socialization
Kneady Cat Team
Team Cat – Morning Care
Foster Care
Enrichment Support

Small Mammals

Morning Cleaning
Enrichment Support
Small Mammal Socialization
Foster Care


Fundraising Events
Event Tabling

Program Support

Clerical/Office Work
Data Entry
Donation Canister Program
Lawn Care/Gardening
Office Assistant

Humane Education

Camp Counselor
Humane Education Assistant
Pet Therapy Volunteers
Youth Program Volunteer

Veterinary Care

Shelter Veterinary Suite Team
Spay & Neuter Clinic Volunteer
Pets In Need Clinic Volunteer
Team Vet Transport


Wellness & Vaccine Clinics
Flyer Distribution
Pet Food Pantries
Event Tabling

Junior Volunteers

Junior Volunteers

Under 15? Want To Volunteer? Join our Pet Pals Team!

Our Pet Pals Team is for youths from ages 6-14 and their supervising adults (21 or older). Volunteer teams comprised of one adult and up to two youths are called Pet Pal Teams. An application must be submitted for each child and adult.

  • Adult supervision is required at all times by the adult who attended the training with the child(ren). There is a limit of two children per adult.
  • Supervising adults must attend a General Information Session. Children are welcome to attend, as well.
  • Following the General Information Session, attendance at an orientation class is required of the supervising adult and child(ren).
  • A fee of $30 per family will be collected at the orientation class.
  • We ask that Pet Pal Teams volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours per month for 6 months.
  • Children under 15 yrs. are not permitted to walk dogs or accompany an adult walking a dog.
  • Children ages 6 through 9 may socialize with Level 1 cats and other small mammals.
  • Children ages 10 and up may socialize with Level 2 cats after completing further training. They may also assist with morning cat kennel cleaning with their supervising adult.
  • Children 14 yrs. and up may apply to become summer counselors at Camp Happy Tails, run by Eleanor Hanson, Humane Educator.

Become a Pet Pal

Foster Volunteers

Foster Volunteers

All the joy of pet ownership without the commitment.

At the Potter League, we often have animals that need fostering because they’re too young, orphaned, or have a behavioral or medical condition that needs monitoring. Since these animals need more one-on-one time than we can give ourselves, we look for willing Foster Care volunteers to help us by taking these animals into their homes for a little while.

  • Foster animals are for all ages, though the primary foster parent(s) must be 18 years of age. Children are very welcome to assist with foster care when safe and appropriate.
  • We provide food, cat litter, and other supplies for foster animals.
  • In all cases, the Potter League makes arrangements and pays for medical care.
  • Primary foster volunteer must have own transportation.
  • Live within 40 miles of the shelter.
  • Abide by all state animal laws & regulations that apply to their area of residence.

You can decide to foster anywhere from two weeks to two months or more. And you can choose to foster just one time or many, many times. The more you foster, the more lives you save!

Foster Dog Application
Foster Cat Application
Foster Small Mammal Application

Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers

Meet pets. Earn service hours.

High school and middle school students with required community service hours are welcome and encouraged to fulfill these hours at the Potter League. This type of service is spent assisting with morning cleaning of our dog and cat rooms. It’s an ideal time to interact with the animals while contributing in a very important way.

  • Because you are directly interacting with the shelter animals, it is necessary to first become a volunteer. This is done by attending a General Information Session and then attending a training class (scheduled after the General Information Session).
  • Additional volunteering in any other area may be performed, but will not count towards the required hours.
  • Cleaning hours are from 8:00am-10:00am on any day(s) of the week that fits your schedule, including weekends. On-the-job training will be provided.
  • We ask that all volunteers donate a minimum of 4 hours a month for a minimum of 6 months.
  • There is a one-time $20 fee for all new volunteers to cover the cost of administrative processing, name tags and volunteer uniform.
Group Volunteers

Group Volunteers

Working together to make the world better.

Every day, we rely on our dedicated volunteers to help protect and care for the thousands of animals who come through our doors each year. The following are our Group Volunteering requirements:

  • Each Group is responsible for designating an onsite Team Leader.
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Volunteers should not be allergic to animals.
  • Volunteers must comply with the Potter League’s Volunteer Policies and Procedures.
  • Each volunteer must individually complete a Volunteer Release before participating.
  • For everyone’s safety and well-being, volunteers must be able to perform according to the physical demands of the project.
  • Volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes; volunteers without closed-toe shoes will be unable to participate.
  • Volunteers should bring their own bottled water.
  • Volunteers must provide their own transportation to the activity location.
  • Volunteers should park in the main Potter League parking lot L unless otherwise directed.
  • Volunteers should secure personal possessions and valuables in their vehicles; onsite secured storage is not available.
  • Volunteers should check in at the site and time designated by the Potter League.

Grounds/Facilities Projects

According to schedule and season, volunteers may be needed for projects such as landscaping, painting, or building maintenance. These projects benefit from the support of a larger group and do not require specific training. We will let you know if such an opportunity coincides with your preferred dates.

Unexpected/Urgent Needs

If your group has the flexibility to respond on short notice during the unfortunate occurrence of natural disasters or other emergency situations, we would appreciate being able to call on your assistance. Such assistance may involve getting to the Potter League in adverse weather conditions, or other functions as directed by the Potter League staff. No specific training is required. Unexpected/Urgent Needs Group Volunteer activities will be scheduled as required.

Please note, due to the high volume of group volunteer requests, we may not be able to accommodate new group volunteer inquiries at this time.

Community Service

Community Service

Ready to serve? We welcome you.

The Potter League accepts court ordered community service. Please call 401-846-8276 ext 100 to schedule an appointment. Please bring your driver’s license or state ID, and the required court documents. Minimum age for community service is eighteen. No violent, sexual, animal or drug related offenses are accepted.

Call about Court Ordered Community Service

Volunteer Recognition

The Potter League deeply appreciates the important role volunteers play in our mission and success. Here are a few of the ways we honor our most devoted volunteers.

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is held annually. Volunteers who have logged 5 hours or more during the previous calendar year are treated to a recognition dinner in their honor.

2019 Volunteer of the Year: Denise Davis

When new staff begins, they often believe Denise, a volunteer, is a staff member. That is because she is here every day, devoting every spare hour she has volunteering her time to help. Since Denise began volunteering in 2014, she has donated 5,365 hours. She is a member of our Mod Squad behavior modification team, she works endlessly with the shy and more difficult behavior cases, often seeing the most fearful dogs come around with her trust and guidance. The list in the ways she helps is endless from answering phones, to laundry, to walking dogs, counseling adopters, organizing and of course, making sure Pearl always has a lunch buddy — you name it, she does it.

As giving as she is of her time, her commitment to volunteerism does not end there. She has a way with dogs that can only be described as innate and simply cannot be taught. Hour upon hour, she pours herself into our “tough” to adopt dogs and without her many of them would not have made the strides of improvement as they have. She is sassy and smart as a whip, and although we joke that patience is not her virtue, she always has an infinite amount for the animals she is helping.

She is the most dependable person we know and we literally could not imagine a day without her here. She is a staple of this organization and the staff, animals, and the Potter League have been made boundlessly better by her presence. Princess Denise, thank you for all you do and we are honored to name Denise Davis as the 2019 Volunteer of the Year!

2019 Junior Volunteer of the Year & Best Supportive Parent of the Year:
Melissa Benson & Sharon Benson

This mother and daughter team have been coming in weekly for the past 5 years. This young volunteer started when she was only 8 ½ years old. She’s now a teenager, for all those years, she and her mother have been coming to the shelter almost weekly! That’s a long time for a young child to remain as enthusiastic and willing to help as this young volunteer has. And we think that has everything to do with her mother, because without her mother, she wouldn’t even be a volunteer. And we would have to guess that her mother has set an example for her about what it means to be a good volunteer, because they both are great volunteers. So great that Melissa and Sharon often don’t wait to be asked to help, they reach out to us to see if there are any events coming up they can help with. They are quite the team!

We hit the jackpot when Melissa and Sharon became volunteers here at the Potter League. Melissa is only 13, and yet she has donated 366 hours to level 1 and 2 cats, and helping within the Humane Education department. She is always cheerful, mature, reliable, and never one to draw attention to herself. We think she is wonderful and will go far in her life and with her endeavors. It is with great honor that we bestowed the 2019 Junior Volunteer of the Year Award to Melissa Benson, and the 2019 Best Supportive Parent Volunteer of the Year Award to her mother, Sharon Benson.

2019 Lore Owens Award: Jessica Pohl

The Lore Owens Award was created to honor a well-loved volunteer after her passing in 1999, and it is to recognize an “unsung” hero at the Potter League. The Lore Owens Award was created to honor a well-loved volunteer after her passing in 1999, and it is to recognize an “unsung” hero at the Potter League. The award has more to do with personality than hours volunteered. In making the decision for the Lore Owens Award recipient, we are not looking for the conspicuous or flamboyant volunteer.

Every Monday, rain, shine, holidays, completely exhausted from shooting six weddings in one day, this superhero shows up to take every single animal’s photo in the building. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, birds, roosters, goats, peacocks. You name it —she photographed them. And as many of you may know, these photos are a very important part of getting the animals available for adoption seen. What you may not know is that our animal listings in the last year alone topped over a million views. She does all of this without fanfare, without an ounce of desire for any sort of credit. She does this because her heart is huge. Because she is made of goodness to her very core. Because she believes wholeheartedly in volunteerism and being a part of a community that gives back. And because she is some sort of cat-whispering ninja goddess. This year we were honored to present the 2019 Lore Owens Award to our dear friend, Jessica Pohl.

2019 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

The Volunteer Appreciation Celebration was held at the Potter League for Animals on February 1, 2020. The celebration was held in honor of all Potter League volunteers who logged 5+ hours or more during the 2019 calendar year.

Volunteer FAQs

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