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Pre-Op / Post-Op Instructions


  1. No food after midnight the night before surgery. (Water is OK until the morning.)
  2. Absolutely nothing to eat or drink in the morning! (exception: all puppies & kittens under 4 months should have a small snack around 6 am the morning of surgery.)
  3. All cats must be kept INSIDE the night before surgery is scheduled! (And for 2 weeks AFTER surgery.)
  4. All feral cats are to be trapped 1-2 days in advance of surgery appointment!


  1. All dogs and owners must stay in their vehicle until called. Your admission paperwork should be completed and payment is due prior to discharge.
  2. All dogs must have well-fitting collars (no choke or spike collars) and must be on a leash.
  3. All cats must be brought in their own standard, individual, hard plastic cat carriers.

Carriers must be purchased in advance of your appointment for your pet’s safety. For the safety of your pet NO LAUNDRY BASKETS, CARDBOARD, CANVAS, CLOTH  OR HOMEMADE CARRIERS will be allowed.


DOGS: Monday – Friday 7:45 a.m.

CATS: Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m.

FERAL CATS: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m

Discharge Information


Dogs will normally go home the same day as surgery, unless they are being transported by our transport van and returning to a shelter, or if alternate arrangements have been made in advance with the Clinic Director.

Cats are discharged the following morning, unless it is a feral cat coming in on a Friday.


DOGS – Monday – Friday 3:30 pm.

CATS – Tuesday – Friday 7:30 a.m.

FERAL CATS – Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. the following day, Friday same day time to be determined.

Please note, the clinic closes at 4pm on Friday. All patients MUST be picked up at the designated time.

Post-Op Information

  1. You must restrict the animal’s activity for the next 10 days to allow the tissue time to heal and avoid causing the incision to open. No running, jumping, playing, swimming or other strenuous activity. Cats should stay indoors. All dogs should go out on a leash to urinate/defecate and then return inside to rest. Keep the incision dry; do not bathe or apply topical ointment during the recovery period.
  2. Keep males away from unspayed females for 30 days. Keep females away from unneutered males for 7 days. Keep pets away from each other during the recovery period.
  3. Check the incision twice daily. Females should have no drainage; redness and swelling should be minimal. The incision for male dogs and male cats is directly on the scrotum. The scrotal incision is left open to allow for drainage. A small amount of drainage/discharge is normal for up to 3 days. Too much activity causes increased drainage, therefore activity restriction is very important. Dogs must wear an Elizabethan collar for 10 days after surgery. Call us immediately if your pet can still reach their incision. If cats are licking their incision excessively, an Elizabethan collar should be purchased from us.
  4. You may receive 2 days of pain medication for your pet. Give the first dose tomorrow morning, with your pet’s breakfast. Always give this medication with food, and do not give unless your pet is eating and drinking normally. If in doubt, it is safer to not give the pain medication.
  5. Appetite should gradually return within 24 hours of surgery. Do not change your pet’s diet at this time and do not give junk food, table scraps, milk or any other people food during the recovery period. This could mask post-surgical complications. Lethargy or loss of appetite lasting for more than 24 hours post-op, diarrhea, or vomiting are not normal and your pet should be taken to your regular veterinarian if these occur.
  6. Minimal redness and swelling of the surgery site should resolve within several days, but if they persist longer, or you have any other questions or concerns please call our office at (401)-369-3697. After office hours, please call your regular veterinarian or local emergency clinic (Ocean State Veterinary Specialists (OSVS) at 401-886-6787, Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services (BSVES) at 508-379-1233, or MASS-RI Veterinary ER at 508-730-1112). Do not give human medication to the animal. It is dangerous and can be fatal.
  7. Your pet received a green tattoo next to their incision. This tattoo is a scoring process in the skin; IT IS NOT AN EXTRA INCISION. Potter League for Animals Spay & Neuter Clinic will treat at our clinic, at minimal cost, any post-op complications resulting directly from the surgery, if the above post-op instructions are followed in full. Your regular veterinarian must address illnesses or injuries that are not a direct result of surgery. Please call for an appointment as soon as you see cause for concern. We cannot be held responsible for complications resulting from failure to follow post-op instructions, or for contagious diseases for which the animal was not previously properly vaccinated.