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The Potter League is the animal resource for Rhode Island and beyond, and offers a variety of services and outreach programs to the community.

Pet Surrender

Do you want to keep your pet? We can help.

We understand that making the decision to give up your pet can be very difficult. As an open admission shelter, we are committed to each and every pet in our care. Each year we open our doors to thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, and other critters that need our love and support. Because of this, we manage our admissions to ensure that we can provide the quality care that each pet needs.

Often a pet is surrendered because an owner feels they have no other choice or is unaware of resources that can keep their pet in their home. We may be able to help you find alternatives to surrendering your beloved pet. We encourage you to consider these possible alternatives before bringing your pet to us:

  1. Consider using “Rehome” by Adopt-a-Pet and adopt out your pet directly to a new home. Learn more about Rehome here.
  2. Financial Troubles? We might be able to help! Follow these links to get information about our financial assistance program for pets. We also may be able to assist with temporary food for your pet and offer low cost vaccines/spay/neuter.
  3. Is it allergies? We have some helpful advice that may do the trick.
  4. Are you having trouble finding pet-friendly housing? Here are some helpful guidelines to help you in your search for an apartment that allows pets here.
  5. Is it a behavior issue? Introducing new pets or family members? Check our behavior resource sheets for solutions, our dog training classes, or our free behavior helpline.
  6. Call our Animal Care & Adoption Center. Call us (401-846-8276) and we may be able to offer suggestions and helpful advice based on your exact circumstances.

In order to ensure resources are prepared and available when the pet enters our care, the Potter League for Animals requires a surrender appointment to be scheduled. Without an appointment process, we would have no control over the number of pets that come into our care each day which in turn would limit our ability to provide the best care to each pet.

We accept owned animals from Rhode Island and stray animals from Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. Newport County residents needing to relinquish animals are given priority. There is no fee to bring a verified stray animal at the Potter League.


Surrender Fees:

Dog or Puppy $50
Cat or Kitten $35
Litters of 3+ Kittens $50
Rabbits $25
All other Small Animals $10

Since it typically costs between $200-$450 for the Potter League to care for a dog or cat before it is adopted, we are extremely grateful for any donation above the required fee. No animal will be turned away if the owner cannot afford the surrender fee. Owners with concerns about paying the fee should ask to speak with the Customer Care Manager.

If you’re ready to surrender your pet, please follow the following steps:


We ask that you fill out a relinquishment personality profile form of the animal you are wishing to surrender.
Dog Personality Profile
Cat Personality Profile
Small Mammal Personality Profile


You will receive an email once the surrender profile is reviewed. A Potter League counselor will be in contact to schedule an appointment or discuss other options for your pet. We may recommend a referral to another agency that is better equipped to assist you. Appointments are necessary & required to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.


Gather necessary paperwork. Collect your pets medical history, if available. Please bring these records to your appointment.


Arrive for your appointment at your scheduled location: 87 Oliphant Lane Middletown, RI 02842.
Your appointment will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. For everyone’s safety, all pets should be either in a carrier or on a collar and leash when entering the building.

Behavior & Training

Train your pet, improve your life (and theirs).

At the Potter League, we realize there is more to a happy and fulfilled pet than food, water and veterinary care. Enrichment, socialization and training are a big part of the experience we provide for the animals in our care as well as those in the community. The Potter League Dog Training & Behavior Center can help you build a positive relationship, teach life skills, increase sociability, avoid problem behaviors, and strengthen loyalty & companionship.


The Potter League offers a wide variety of affordable classes for dogs of all ages and training levels in our indoor training center. Take a look at our wide variety of classes, then check our schedule for your class of choice.

View Class Schedule

Behavior Helpline

Sometimes a little advice can make all the difference.

Why does my dog do that? Problem behaviors? Stumped or frustrated? The Potter League’s Behavior Helpline is a free animal behavior service available to all pet guardians experiencing behavior problems with cats and dogs. Behavior specialists are available to answer questions and provide solutions on everything from separation distress to house training. Contact our Behavior Helpline via phone or email: 401.846.8276 ext. 119 or

In addition to our helpline, we offer free classes on pet ownership. Our Doggy 101 classes are twice a month, open to the public and free of charge (Cat Conversations classes also offered per request). Check our calendar for info on the next scheduled class.

Looking for training for your dog? The Potter League Dog Training & Behavior Center offers a variety of dog training classes as part of our commitment to supporting positive relationships between people and their pets.

Our Behavior Helpline counselors have completed an extensive training program taught by animal behavior professionals. They are able to assist pet owners with many types of problems; however, there are some that can’t be resolved by email or phone, because it isn’t safe or accurate to diagnose certain problems without observing the animal’s postures and reactions to certain stimuli. Learn More.

Behavior Resource Sheets

Veterinary Vaccine Clinic

A vet for every pet, regardless of money.

The Potter League for Animals Veterinary Vaccine Clinics are offered to income-qualifying pet owners at discounted prices.

  • The Potter League Veterinary Vaccine Clinics exclusively serve the pets of eligible elderly, disabled, and low-income pet owners.
  • All pet owners that are receiving assistance from a valid federal or state program will qualify and proof is required at the time of service.
  • Clinic services include a physical exam as well as distemper and rabies vaccines, and microchipping.
  • Clinics are drop-in and do not require an appointment.
  • Clinics take place at the Potter League for Animals located at 87 Oliphant Lane Middletown, RI or at an offsite location.
  • There are a limited number of pets seen per clinic and it is first come, first served.

See Upcoming Dates

What to Bring

  • Proof of one of the following: Food Stamps, Medicaid Medical Assistance Program, Rite Care, Child Care Assistance, Subsidized Housing, WIC, FIP, SSI, SSDI, TDI, or Heating Assistance.
  • Any past medical history you may have on your pet.
  • Pets should be on leash or in a carrier. If you don’t have a leash or a carrier, leave your pet in the car and we will loan you one to get them inside. Or you can come the day before to pick one up. Please call us at 401-846-0592 ext. 119 and we would be happy to help.


Veterinary Vaccine Clinic

401.846.8276 ext. 119

Potter Pet Food Pantry

The Potter League’s pet food assistance program provides free supplemental cat food, dog food, and supplies when available to individuals who may need assistance. We understand that times can be tough, and our goal is to keep as many pets as possible with their families and out of shelters. Our Potter Pet Food Pantry is available to anyone who is experiencing financial hardship and might need a little help providing food for their beloved pet(s). Please understand that this program is not set up to supply food permanently and is for temporary assistance as long as it is needed. At this time we ask that if you are in need of assistance you inquire at the front desk during our normal hours of operation. We are located at 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown, RI or call us at 401-846-8276. Other pet food pick-up locations include the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, located at 20 Dr Marcus Wheatland Blvd, Newport, Rhode Island. Their pantry hours are Monday (10 am – 2 pm), Wednesday (10 am – 2 pm & 4 pm – 6:30 pm) and Friday (10 am- 2pm). Any questions, you may contact them at 401-846-4828.

Cremation Services

A noble send-off for any budget.

Sadly, when we bring animals into our hearts and lives, we know that one day we will have to say goodbye. We offer several cremation packages to meet a variety of family needs, as well as attractive, Eco-Friendly options for the return of your pet’s ashes to the earth.

Serenity Urn

Private cremation with photo frame keepsake wooden box. Choose a favorite photo of your beloved friend to their final resting place and remember a life well lived.

Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn

Private Cremation with the beauty and detail of this hand-carved piece of art that graces the top of this unique wooden urn.

Trail to Heaven Urn

Private cremation with Paw Print Urn. Classically designed with clean lines, this urn is a charming resting place for your pet’s remains.

Paw Print Tin

Private cremation with the understated simplicity of the Paw Print Tin urn – a dignified resting place for your beloved friend. Also a great option if you choose to scatter the cremated remains at a special location of your choosing.

More Information

I want to thank the Potter League for the care of my beloved cat who was my faithful companion for 18 years. Her passing was difficult but the care that was taken for her cremation by the staff made a difficult process much easier. You do wonderful work from start to finish.


Pet Loss Support

Don’t be alone when it’s time to say goodbye.

The Potter League offers a free monthly Pet Loss Support Group led by psychotherapist Lori Verderosa. This program provides supportive help for those who have been touched by the loss of a pet, are anticipating the loss of a pet, or are dealing with the decision of euthanasia. Check our calendar for the next meeting date.

See upcoming dates

At the Potter League’s Pet Loss Support Group, we all shared our great sense of loss and I know we truly helped one another in a very special way.


Pet Safe Housing

Our doors are open, even when others close.

We work with social workers and local domestic violence agencies to provide foster care and temporary housing for the pets of victims of domestic violence, pets of the elderly, animals displaced due to fire and other disasters.

Contact Us Regarding Pet Safe Housing


401.846.8276 ext. 119