Potter Pup Pizza Delivery

Announcing our newest program – Potter Pup Pizza Delivery! Because a shelter dog delivering yummy hot pizza sounds like the best idea ever.

Hang on, because we’re about to transform the Pizza Delivery game! Hot Pizza, Cute Dogs, Dog-to-Door Service! Let Potter Pup Pizza Delivery fill that furry place in your heart. It might sound cheesy, but our shelter pups will deliver fresh, hot, and delicious pizza right to your door! 

The Menu

We’d tell you all deliveries are contactless, but then we’d be lying. You’ll probably invite them in to stay for dinner. And to be honest there is no guarantee your pizza will even make it to the door. Oh and any delivery charge is not a tip paid to your driver. Please reward the puppers for their awesomeness.

And for a limited time only we’re offering 30% off menu price pizzas ordered when you use the code: “APRILFOOLS.” Good today only. 

Call 401-846-8276 to order your Potter Pup Pizza today!