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Do You Qualify for Services?

To qualify for veterinary services, pet owners must be Rhode Island residents who are also receiving federal or state assistance. Animals will be seen by appointment only, and owners will need to bring documentation proving they are receiving at least one of the following forms of assistance:

Wellness Exams

Diagnostic Services

Surgical Procedures

Dental Care

2019 Statistics

Here for Rhode Island Pet Owners

In 2019 we provided veterinary care to 2,365 pets that otherwise would have been left without treatment​
500 +
We've given over 500 beloved pets life-saving surgeries such as a mass removal, tail amputation, or dental surgery.​
61 %
Our average vet visit is $63, versus $160 at a for-profit veterinary clinic in RI. On average, that's 61% off your vet bill.

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