Be Kind to Animals Poster Contest

The competition is open to 2nd through 12th grade. If you wish to have a short lesson on the history of humane education or kindness to animals provided as an introduction to the project, please contact Eleanor Hanson (contact info below). If you choose not to use the contest as a class project, students may enter independently.

Be Kind to Animals Week is May 5th through the 11th. The deadline for entry will be Friday, April 12th. Winners will be notified in advance for planning purposes. Prizes will be awarded to students at an event at the Potter League during Be Kind to Animals Week.


Give a Shelter Pet a Loving Home

If you and your family are thinking about adding a pet to your happy home, consider adopting a shelter pet! There are many homeless animals waiting for their chance at a loving home. Winning Entries will display an adopted shelter pet in their new forever home.

Keep Coyotes Wild!

Coyotes are our wild neighbors. Wild animals are naturally afraid of people and will not bother you as long as they remain truly wild. When people start to feed them, either accidentally or on purpose, conflicts will occur. Winning entries will display how people can best live peacefully alongside coyotes.


Open to 2nd through 12th Grade

    1. Poster size must be 17 inches x 11 inches.
    2. Poster theme MUST be quoted on poster:
      “Give a Shelter Pet a Loving Home” or “Keep Coyotes Wild!”
    3. Any traditional media-marker, paint, ink, colored pencil, or crayon-no photographs or computer art please.
    4. Must be original-no tracing, clip art, or aided entries.
    5. No collaborative entries.
    6. Deadline is Friday, April 13th.
    7. Tape a copy of the attached form to the back of each entry. The form MUST be filled out completely for the poster to be entered-do not write contact information directly on poster.


Posters will be judged based on appearance, creativity, and demonstration of the theme. Winners will be chosen for each theme in 3 age groups: Grades 2 – 4, Grades 5 – 8, and Grades 9 – 12.

Winners and their families will be invited to an awards ceremony at the Potter League during Be Kind to Animals Week – the first full week in May.

Winners will receive a ribbon, award certificate, and Potter League memorabilia. Winning Posters will be displayed in the Potter League adoption center until August 2019.

Download Entry Form

See Past Winners List

For more information contact Eleanor Hanson at EleanorH@PotterLeague.org or 401.846.0592 ext.120. Posters can be dropped off or mailed to: 87 Oliphant Lane Middletown, RI 02842