School Programs

We offer a variety of programs designed to increase kindness and compassion towards animals, while reinforcing important academic skills. By engaging a child’s natural curiosity about animals, we encourage a love of learning and help students develop their own humane ethics so they become more responsible adults.

Classroom Lesson Programs

Our fun, interactive lesson programs are offered free to classroom teachers in Newport County. Classes are designed to meet your learning goals, and are offered at your location or at the Potter League’s state-of-the-art animal care and education center. A tour of the shelter is included with programs held at our facility.

Seventh Grade Series (5 lessons)

Our seventh grade program is aimed at helping students develop their own humane ethic. Lessons include endangered species, coyotes on Aquidneck Island, pet overpopulation and the history of animal shelters, and how animals are used for entertainment and sport. Through these examples, students are taught to evaluate how animals are used in our society so that they can make decisions, such as where to spend their money, according to what they feel is right.

Third Grade Series (6 lessons)

In our third grade series, children learn about proper pet care, the role of animal shelters, the problem of pet overpopulation, respect for wildlife, dog bite prevention, and more. The focus of these weekly classes is to teach students to think about and care for animals so that they develop kinder habits and will grow to be more humane and considerate adults.

Single Lesson Offerings

Our fun, interactive lessons focus on creating a more humane community, reducing the root causes of animal suffering and enhancing the human/animal bond. Lessons usually average 45 minutes in length, and 30 minutes for the PreK and K – Grade 2 age groups. Please note that the addition of a live animal may cause the program to run longer. Groups of 35 participants or fewer are preferred. Please try to make your reservation at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired date.

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Now that the program is over... many kids feel the same as I do and I am pretty sure that a good handful of them will do something about [animal abuse] or inform others.

Michaela (Thompson Middle School)