C.A.R.E. Fund

Potter League for Animals offers financial assistance through the C.A.R.E. (Companion Animal Relief Effort) Fund to provide assistance to Aquidneck Island and Newport County pet owners who currently are unable to finance the medical treatment necessary for their pet’s specific illness, injury, or routine medical care. In order to utilize this program, owners must be responsible pet parents, having no history of animal abuse or neglect, and meet specific guidelines. Recommendation, referral or veterinary records from a veterinarian or veterinarian office will be required for chronic or emergency medical conditions. In all cases it is expected that the animal will likely respond to treatment and have a good prognosis for long-term recovery to a normal quality of life.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact us at at 401-846-8276 or info@potterleague.org.

Please note: The C.A.R.E. Fund benefits only patients and clients that are residents of Newport County. While many patients and clients have benefited from C.A.R.E. and we make every effort to maximize our funding of C.A.R.E., the fund is limited and clients must meet eligibility criteria in order to qualify.

If you would like to make a gift to support the C.A.R.E. Fund, please contact the Development Office at (401) 846-0592 ext. 116.

If you are not a resident of Newport County, other resources are available:

  • Potter League Pets in Need Veterinary Clinic Provides low-cost income qualifying veterinary services
  • Companion Animal Foundation Provides income-qualifying pet owners financial assistance vouchers – www.ripets.org/owners/pet-owners
  • Potter League Spay & Neuter Clinic Provides low-cost Spay & Neuter Services – www.potterleague.org
  • PAAWS RI Provides subsidized Veterinary Care – www.care4animals.net
  • Friends of Animals in Need Apply by calling Russ at (401) 489-3645 or email friendsofanimalsinneed@gmail.com. This agency typically donates up to $200. www.animalsinneedri.com
  • Hands that Heal  Apply by calling Tonia at (401) 491-1473. This agency typically donates up to $50. www.hthri.org
  • Red Rover Apply for assistance at redrover.org. This agency typically donates up to $200. www.redrover.org
  • RISPCA Apply by calling Dr. Finocchio at (401) 438-8150. This agency typically donates up to $50. www.rispca.com
  • Volunteer Services for Animals Speak with the Care for Animals reception staff for donation approval. This agency typically donates up to $35. www.volunteerservicesforanimals.org
  •  Paws 4 A Cure Apply at www.paws4acure.org. Once on the website click on “Ask for Help” and follow the directions.