I am a Female Domestic Shorthair /Mix.


Domestic Shorthair /Mix

about 3 years


Start your family's own series of children's stories by adopting Tigger! And you don't have to strictly follow the "Winnie the Pooh saga. To begin with, our Tigger is female. She is not loudly orange, but is a lovely creamy buff color. Not overly tall nor skinny, she is a bit full-figured, and rather than being occasionally obnoxious and "doofus-y (like the Tigger in "Pooh), she is sweet, sweet, sweet. We doubt that anyone read her bedtime stories growing up, as she has no experience with children or dogs. She would prefer to be the only cat in her new home. When you meet our dear Tigger, you will notice that her back has been shaved. When she came to us she had a non-cancerous cyst on her back that our in-house vet deftly removed. Her lovely fur is in the process of growing back. While Tigger loves companionship, she is not overly pushy about it. She will just sit quietly at your feet, slowly blinking her soft green eyes at you until her message is received. She might just want a pat, a few words of love, and a bedtime story.

For more information about this animal, call:
Potter League for Animals at (401) 846-8276

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