I am a Male Lop, Mini.


Lop, Mini

about 4 years


Stanley is THE cutest bun! He's also in need of THE most patient and sweetest rabbit-savvy home on his next stop.

Stanley is his best self when he has plenty of space to bop around. In too small of an area he gets nervous and it can make him grumpy. When he has a nice area to stretch his legs he has a much better attitude. Stanley will need some time to be reintroduced to handling, but he's such a fan of his fresh veggies we know it'll be easy once a routine is established!

If you think your family has some space that could accommodate a free-spirited bunny please fill out an application and call our Adoption Center to see about an appointment!

For more information about this animal, call:
Potter League for Animals at (401) 846-8276

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