I am a Female Domestic Shorthair/Mix.


Domestic Shorthair/Mix

about 16 years


Snuggles is one of our extra-special kitties here at the Potter League, as she is a total love-bug (but not completely pushy about it), a treat to talk with (she listens and never disagrees), is cute as a button, and as empathetic as the day is long. True, we have had quite a few cats over the years with those personality traits - but what makes Snuggles special is her age. She is 15. Her former owner lost her living space, and thankfully brought Snuggles to us. Now we hope you will look past the obvious ("Why would I take a cat home to fall in love knowing she may only have 3-4 years left?) and think more openly ("Why wouldn't I shower this wonderful cat with love, and enjoy every moment I share with her?). We offer her as a fee-reduced adoption and hope one of you readers out there will forget about the Future and concentrate on the Now. She is a truly wonderful, wise and sage kitty, and was named Snuggles for a reason.

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Potter League for Animals at (401) 846-8276

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