I am a Female Domestic Shorthair/Mix.


Domestic Shorthair/Mix

about 6 years


Looking to spice things up in your life? Maybe a cat with a little less sugar and a bit more spice? Well, look no further - Bitsy is your girl. You see, Miss Bitsy here has routine of her own that involves quite a bit of self care, which takes up the majority of her day. Yep. She is in fact a diva. Not surprisingly, she has what is often referred to as a celebrity rider. Ya know - a list of demands stars write into their performance contracts. Well Bitsy, in true diva fashion has requested: 1. A window seat to watch everything happening outside. 2. An array of different treats to choose from. 3. She prefers petting you. She doesn't spend all this time grooming for her silky coat to be messed up! Bitsy is in fact the real Queen B. Just don't tell Beyonce or we may have another Becky situation on our hands. This girl was, without a doubt, born to entertain. Come meet Bitsy at the Potter League today!

For more information about this animal, call:
Potter League for Animals at (401) 846-8276

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