Volunteer Recognition

The Potter League truly understands and appreciates the important role volunteers play in our mission and success.

Annual Appreciation Dinner

The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is held annually. Volunteers who have logged 50 hours or more during the previous calendar year are treated to a recognition dinner in their honor.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

National Volunteer Appreciation Week takes place each year in April. Staff enjoys surprising volunteers each day with a special treat. All volunteers are invited to stop by during this fun-filled week.

2014 Volunteer of the Year: Rosemary Trujillo

It is not easy to pick one volunteer for any award, since the Potter League is extremely fortunate to have an amazing group of people who donate their time day after day. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize a truly amazing woman as our volunteer of the year, Ms. Rosemary Trujillo.

Dorrie Hanson receives the Lore Owens Award

The Lore Owens Award was established in 2000 in honor of the longtime volunteer, Lore, who died tragically in 1999. Ms. Dorrie Hanson was presented with Lore Ownens award by Volunteer Coordinator Gail Lawson..

2014 Volunteer Recognition Dinner Awards

The Volunteer Recognition Dinner was held at Green Valley Country Club on March 27, 2015. The dinner was held in honor of Potter League volunteers who logged 50 hours or more during the 2013 calendar year. 

Junior Volunteers:
Maddy Segerson
, Sofia Watson

100+ Hours of Service in 2014
Elaine Amaral, Judy Blake, Brenda Cardullo, Robert Coia, Kit Conway
, Gail Cronin, Dorrie Hanson, Lisa Hassett, Richard Joslin, Korey Morris, Carol Nagle, Brittany Nugent, Derri Owen, Eileen Schuster, Maddy Segerson, Donna Silveria, Sue Sullivan, Al Tetreault, Rosemary Trujillo, Karen Wilkey

500+ Hours in 2014
Carol Chabot, Debbie St.John

1,000+ Hours in 2014
The Bally Family (Jane, Dion, Elizabeth, and Paul
), Barbara Kirwin

5 Years Anniversary
Judy Blake, Judith Enstone, Richard Joslin, Barbara Kirwin, Donna Silveria, Mary Alice Smith

10 years Anniversary
Noah Rumbut, Al Tetreault

15 Years Anniversary
Lisa Hassett

Department Awards
  Judith Enstone

Administration: Ed Smith
Behavior Training: Sue Sullivan
Team Cat: Brittany Nugent    
Team Bunny:
Derri Owen
Front Desk: Debbie St. John
Volunteer: Korey Morris
Humane Education: Alexa Coffey



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