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Meet the 2017 Heart & Sole Walk Cover Model


Meet Juno, winner of the Cover Model for the Potter League’s 28th Annual Heart & Sole Walk for Animals. 

Juno is a rescued pit bull type dog and that in and of itself makes her special. She is a shining example of the many pit bull type dogs who are currently sitting in shelters everywhere, just waiting for someone to give them a chance. Juno’s mom, Trisha first met Juno when she began volunteering at Providence Animal Control. She had been at the shelter for many months and had developed crippling anxiety as a result of the confinement, which is a state of mind that is often referred to as being “kennel crazy”. Her panic was so severe that she would just run in circles, constantly jumping and pawing at the kennel to get out. No matter how much she ate, she was losing weight at an alarming pace and had basically become emaciated. The shelter had run out of options for her and asked if Trisha would consider fostering her. She did, fell madly in love with her, and the rest is history. 

 Juno has graced the cover of many publishing’s, including Animal Print Magazine, the cover of PARL’s Pet Walk in 2014 as well as her mom & dads own wholesale business catalog for bird feeders. Juno is no stranger to being in the public eye as she is known as the shop dog at their place of business and greets new and old faces with a tail wag as if each and every one of them were her new best friend. Although Juno now enjoys the quiet life and prefers to sleep and relax on most days, she continues to change minds about the stigma most dogs like her receive due to misconceptions, stereotyping, and lack of education. 

The option to be the “Heart & Sole Cover Model” was auctioned off at our new spring event, the LoveBash and Trisha decided there would be no better use of a donation than to have a dog deemed “unadoptable” by many to grace the cover of all the walk materials and show how much joy Juno has brought into her family’s life just by being a part of it. She is hoping Juno’s story might inspire folks to reconsider the dog they might walk by at a shelter because they might not be acting like a model canine citizen in their kennels or just because they are a pit bull type dog.


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