Cover Models

Meet the 2016 Heart & Sole Walk Cover Models

The Bert Family

Lola is our feisty, pure bred, tea-cup, chocolate Chihuahua. Her name suits her in many ways as she loves to eat (anything), is a lover of being held and also a hefty fighter. She is our Alpha dog. Although, Ozzie silently controls her... Weighing in at 5 lbs. or so, she is meatier than most "teacups" and has the attitude and personality to match her beefy stature.

Paris is our Havanese princess. She has hair instead of fur, likes wearing clothes, being held, coddled and ruling over everyone. She is a gentle, sweet loving dog. Yet, she prefers to choose with whom, when and where. Her name suits her. She must come from royalty. We'll never know because she was a spur of the moment rescue from a pet store over 11 years ago. We love her.

Manny, a five year-old Yorkie, is the youngest and smallest of our four-legged friends. Although barely able to see since birth, he has a silent yet commanding presence for a 3 1/2 pound dog. He is everyone's favorite at the Animal Hospital where he works most days. Manny is everyone's buddy. He has no preference, if you like him, he likes you back.

Bubba is our newest addition from Potter's. He's a Heinz 57 special. He came from South Carolina along with ten other puppies attached to a stunning female Coon Hound. He is soft, adorable, happy and our son Colten’s best buddy. He came to us friendly and very smart, we can take little credit for just how wonderful and special he truly is. At 96 pounds he's the biggest softie in the world. His favorite thing to do is snuggle and chase tennis balls. (Eating and sleeping are a close second)

Not pictured: 

Ozzie is a lovable, regal and kind 8 year old (approximately) orange male tabby. He is a friend to all people and animals except for the moles, mice and sadly, the birds. Our dogs and other cat love him. So do we. Ozzie is a Potter Shelter rescue, the best kind of pet.

Ziggy is a wild, night-owl feline. She is protective, shy and tends to avoid the crowd--animals and people included. She prefers one on one attention or to be alone, either sleeping or hunting. :(

Smoochie is our surprise Chinchilla. As she is a first, we weren't quite sure what to expect. Turns out she is the most lovable, gentle and beautiful tiny creature! Her fur is as soft as cotton. It was love at first sight with us and our Smooch.

We also have 3 fish and one snail as I write this. We've stopped naming them as there is a higher than wanted turnover rate for our aquatic friends. At time of the photo shoot, I think we had 2 snails and five fish.... I have yet to master the skill of caring for our friends in the tank. While they are with us, we enjoy them immensely.

Love from the Bert’s.



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