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Peaceful coexistence between man and coyote is possible. The Potter League encourages a healthy respect for these animals and all wildlife.

CoyoteHere are some guidelines for avoiding conflicts:

  • The simplest thing we can do to protect our pets from wildlife is to keep them indoors. Always supervise animals when out of doors even in daylight hours – especially small dogs.
  • Never leave pet food outside.
  • Don’t feed coyotes or attempt to “tame” them by offering free food.
  • Keep a sturdy fence around your vegetable garden and pick the vegetable and fruit from any trees as soon as it ripens.
  • Keep trash cans inside sheds or garages until disposal day. All outdoor containers, including composting piles, should have tamper-proof lids.
  • Clean up bird feeder areas.
  • And spay and neuter your dog. Coyotes are attracted to, and can mate with, unsterilized pet dogs. Also vaccinate your pets.

If you do catch sight of a coyote, make loud noises from a safe place or spray near them with a garden hose. Coyotes are less likely to come back to an area where there is an active human presence. By following our common sense, we can appreciate the wildlife around us and exist together in harmony. Even with the wily coyote.

The Potter League has several educational presentations available for school age children and adults on this topic. Contact our Humane Educator, Eleanor Hanson EleanorH@PotterLeague.org or 401-846-0592 ext. 120 for details. For more information on coyotes in our area, visit The Conservation Agency.

Concerned about coyotes in your neighborhood? Call the Coyote Information Line at 401-300-HOWL(4695) to speak with a knowledgeable wildlife expert. Individuals concerned about immediate safety issues should call their local police department.



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