Animal Admissions

The Potter League is an Open Admissions Shelter. We accept owned animals from residents of Newport County (Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, Jamestown, Tiverton and Little Compton). We accept stray animals from Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth residents. All animals are accepted regardless of temperament, age or health unlike "limited-admissions" shelters that will only accept those animals deemed adoptable.

Potter League VanOwners relinquishing their animals are asked to fill out a personality profile to aid us in placing the animal in a new home. There is a fee for surrendering an animal, however, we are extremely grateful for any donation above the required fee since it costs, on average, $200-$450 for the Potter League to care for a dog or cat.

Surrender Fees:

Dog or Puppy $50
Cat or Kitten $35
Litters of 3+ Kittens $50
Rabbits $25
All other Small Animals $10

No animal will be turned away if the owner cannot afford the surrender fee. Owners with concerns about paying the fee should ask to speak with the Customer Care Manager.

As an open admissions shelter, the Potter League for Animals does euthanize animals. We make no guarantees about placing a surrendered animal into a new home. We do, however, have an extremely high adoption rate.

Medical and behavioral evaluations are performed on animals prior to placing them up for adoption. While, we have one of the highest adoption rates of any shelter in the country, many factors contribute to a decision to euthanize an animal. Decisions are made based on the health, temperament, disposition, age, adjustment to kenneling, rabies risk and other factors.

It is never an easy decision to relinquish your pet, but we are here to help. Please call 401.846.8276 to schedule an appointment with our Animal Admissions Staff to surrender a pet. Appointments are necessary to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet. We take your animal's well-being very seriously and have a team of compassionate and dedicated animal care professionals who will provide loving care.

Please complete and print out the required personality profile form (below) and bring it along with a copy of your pet's veterinary records (not just the receipts) to your appointment. Please call your veterinarian and request your pet’s records. You can pick them up at the vet office and bring them with you or you can have them faxed to us directly at 401-846-0681. Having these documents completed before your appointment will greatly assist the process. Please allot 45 minutes in your schedule for your appointment.

Dog Personality Profile
Cat Personality Profile
Small Mammal Personality Profile
Cat Elimination Issues Questionnaire


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