After School Enrichment

The Potter League offers weekly after school enrichment programs to Newport County schools which provide a way for students to experience the type of interactive, animal-themed activities they'll find in our summer camps. Each program aims to foster a love of animals, while teaching compassion and respect for the world around them.

Dog with girlPricing and Scheduling Options

After school programs are offered in weekly one-hour sessions for a fee of $7 per student per hour. Program sessions can run for three to seven weeks. Each class session can accommodate six to twelve students in grades K-5 and are available for one grade or two consecutive grade levels (i.e. grades 2-3, grades 3-4).

For more information or to schedule an afterschool program, contact Eleanor Hanson, Humane Educator, by calling 401-846-0592 ext.120 or


Potter League Pet Pals

Learn all about the Potter League and our favorite pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and small mammals. Through hands-on activities, crafts and stories, get an in-depth look at the responsibilities that go with keeping a pet happy and healthy.

Animals of Aquidneck

We are lucky to live in an area with many different kinds of animals. Learn all about the pets, farm animals, and wild animals that live right here in RI.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

Spend some time with man’s best friend and learn all about dogs – pedigree, mixed breed, and wild. Investigate how dogs came to live with people, how breeds were developed, and what their unique history means for the responsible pet owner.

Road to Adoption

Explore the intake to adoption procedure at the Potter League. Investigate the animals’ path through the shelter, and find out how homeless animals become wonderful family members.

Careers with Critters

Learn about jobs that involve animals, from pets to wildlife. Discover what career opportunities are available, what responsibilities each job involves, and what training is needed to get the job of your dreams.


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