The Potter League offers a wide variety of affordable classes for dogs of any training level.

Beginner classes and playgroups are offered frequently during the week as well as on weekends. Specialty classes as well as private consultations target specific behaviors or areas of concern. Listed below are all classes we offer, click on the category to learn more. If you see a class you are interested in attending and it is not on our current schedule, please call 401.846.8276 ext. 122 or email our training office at

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Beginner Classes: All ages, no experience necessary
Puppy One (2-4 months) :  Puppy Kindergarten. House training, nipping, chewing, jumping, management & more.
Puppy Two (5-9 months):  For older puppies. Tackling juvenile behaviors as well as basic obedience skills.
AKC Star Puppy Class (3-11 months):  All basic obedience commands & working on accomplishing 20 skills set forth by AKC.
Basic Obedience (10 months and older): Learn obedience and work on social skills.  
Small Breed Obedience (all ages, 25 lbs or less):  Basic obedience, reinforcing good & eliminating bad behaviors.
Smart & Fit (Agility and Obedience combo):  Basic obedience skills incorporated into agility exercises. 

Intermediate and Advanced Classes: Prior training required
Puppy Honors:  Advancing your dog's skill to the next level, common distractions introduced. 
Advanced Medley:  Different theme each week, agility, doggy-o, tricks and more advanced obedience.

Dog Sport Classes: All ages, all levels
Try-it FREE classes in Agility, Doggy-O (Rally-O) and Freestyle:  Beginner/Free classes
Intro to Agility: For beginners wanting to learn agility.
Intro to Doggy-O (Rally Obedience): For beginners wanting to learn Doggy-O.
Agility Level One:  Some experience needed.
Doggy-O:  Some experience needed.
Freestyle – Dancing with your Dog:  Beginner
Advanced Agility

Specialty Classes
Leash Reactive:  For dogs that lunge, bark, growl towards other dog while on leash.
Canine EssentialsLoose Leash Walking and Recall (coming when called).
Canine Good Citizen Class:  Practicing the 10 CGC testing requirements, evaluation conducted at last class.
Canine Good Citizen Evaluation:  Provided monthly.
Café Dog:  A Manners Class:  Self-control around food and visitors.
Intro to Canine Massage:  Learn about canine massage with your dog.
Tricks Class:  Learn several tricks per class.
Game Night:  Play games with your dog.
Holiday Manners:  Basic, family dog manners.
Refresher classes

Play Groups
Puppy Play Group (2-5 months)
Puppy Play Group (6-8 months)
Small Breed Playgroups (any age, 25 lbs or less)

Private Consultations & Training
In Shelter and House calls
Helpline 401.846.8276 ext. 119

"We would recommend the basic obedience class to anyone who wants a well-mannered puppy. It helped our dog Wesson learn a lot but it also helped us to learn how to train him better. We hope to participate in another class soon! Thank you!"

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