Animal Adoption

The Potter League has a great selection of wonderful dogs and cats and small animals for adoption. Visit us soon!

The Potter League welcomes everyone who is considering adopting a shelter animal. Adoption can be a very rewarding experience. Our successful adoption program is based on matching the needs of our animals with the lifestyles of our adopters. We encourage a prospective adopter to fill out a questionnaire describing the kind of companion animal he or she desires. Pet personality profiles and staff evaluations aid our adoption counselors in assisting adopters in finding the right dog, cat or small animal for their lifestyles.

Dogs available for adoption have all been examined by a veterinarian and are up to date on vaccinations appropriate for their age. All dogs have also been treated with Frontline flea and tick treatment. The adoption fee includes an I.D. tag, a month of crate rental, a certificate for an additional veterinarian exam, and a discount for a basic obedience class.

Cats available for adoption have all been examined by a veterinarian and are up to date on vaccinations appropriate for their age. All cats have been treated with Frontline flea treatment. The adoption fee includes a cat safety collar, an I.D. tag, a certificate for an additional veterinarian exam and a cardboard carrier.

All dogs and cats adopted from the shelter are sterilized prior to leaving our facility in accordance to Rhode Island law.

Our obligation to our adoptable animals does not end when they walk out the door with their new owners. We are here as a resource to help our adopters with the transition period. Our behavior staff is available to help with any behavior problems our adopters may be experiencing. Dog adopters may attend free Sunday morning training classes. 

Adoption Information



(6 mos & under)
Cats Kittens
(6 mos & under)
Small Animals
Adoption Fee: $150 $200 $125 $150 $20 to $65
Estimated Value of Features below: $500 plus $500 plus $350 $350  
Transport Fee:  There will a $100 fee added on the adoption fee of all dogs and puppies who have been transferred to our facility from another shelter to help cover the cost of transporting these animals.


Dog Adoption Includes Puppy Adoption Includes Feline Adoption Includes
Vaccinations:distemper and rabies Vaccinations: distemper and rabies (puppies 3 months & older) Vaccinations:distemper and rabies (kittens 3 months & older)
Sterilization Sterilization Sterilization
Free Crate Rental (1 month) Free Crate Rental (3 months) Safety Collar and I.D. Tag
I.D. Tag I.D. Tag Veterinary Office Visit
Veterinary Office Visit Veterinary Office Visit Coupon for Hill's Science Diet Food
Training Literature Training Literature Cat Carrier
25% off fee for 6 week Basic Obedience Class 50% off fee for Puppy Obedience class & continued free shelter obedience classes once puppy becomes an adult.
New Adopter Orientation  

Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™ Survey 

The Potter League offers a new program designed by Dr. Emily Weiss for the ASPCA® called Meet Your Match®. The adoption program determines the Feline-ality™ of a cat and the personality of a potential adopter. The program is designed to increase the bond between a cat and adopter and is not based on how cute a cat is or the color of its fur. A well matched pair will create a positive experience allowing a cat to remain in a new home. 

Upon arriving to the shelter, cats are assessed to determine their individual needs and personality traits. The cats are evaluated based on their friendliness, playfulness, their reaction to being pet and held, and their independence. The resulting score of the assessment assigns a personality color of green, orange or purple. A kennel card with the assigned color is placed along with the cat’s information for viewing. There are nine feline-ality categories. The purple category includes private investigator, secret admirer, love bug; Orange category has the executive, sidekick, personal assistant, and the MVP, party animal and leader of the band are in the green category.

Potential adopters fill out an adopter survey. The survey helps to identify lifestyle, expectations and home environment of a potential adopter. They are given a green, orange or purple card based on the results of the survey. Although it is not required that you choose a color of the same assigned color, it is highly recommended.

Fill out the  and bring it to the Potter to find your perfect feline match. 

Pet Insurance

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Veterinary Care

All adoptable dogs, cats and rabbits receive a preliminary health examination from a licensed veterinarian while here at The Potter League. Vaccination and known medical histories will be noted on the adoption contract.

All animals adopted from The Potter League are entitled to a free veterinary office visit (with one of our participating veterinarians) within 14 days of adoption. The Potter League strongly recommends adopters take advantage of the free visit.


Rhode Island law requires that all dogs and cats adopted from The Potter League or any Rhode Island animal shelter be spayed or neutered. Below is a range of sterilization fees from a survey of 5 local animal hospitals. These fees do not include pre-exam vaccines or tests.

Range of Spaying/ Neutering Surgery at Local Veterinary Hospitals
(Summer 2012)

  Male Female
Dogs $300 to $400 $280 to $300
Cats $110   $240 

Animal Control Offices: Middletown | Portsmouth