Success Stories

We are always excited to hear from our Potter League pets and how they are doing in their new homes. We hope you enjoy reading these "happy tails" as much as we do.

Submit your own success story about a pet that you adopted from us and your story could be featured on our website, printed materials or newsletter. We'd love to hear from you. Send story and photos to

Hello from Jasmine

I was adopted in June and have settled into my new home beautifully! I have two big humans and Anna is my little human who is four.  My new family adopted me with the hope that I might be able to bring comfort to Anna because she suffers from anxiety due to something called, Asperger's Syndrome.  Anna and I were introduced on Sunday and I have to say, it was love at first sight. I was a little nervous, but Anna was gentle and very sweet and gave me a big hug.  I gave her a kiss on her nose in return to let her know that it was okay and that I loved her hug.  We spent the rest of the day playing and getting to know each other.  Anna made me a little bed by the window so that I could look outside.  When it was time to go to bed, I noticed that Anna seemed a little afraid, so to help ease her mind, I jumped into her bed with her and snuggled up next to her.  Within minutes we were both fast asleep (Anna purrs in her sleep too)!  During the day while everyone is at school and work, I lay on my bed and watch the clouds, birds and squirrels pass by.  I miss them when they are gone, especially my little Anna, so when I hear the keys at the door, I spring to my feet to make sure I am there at the door to greet everyone.  We spend our evenings together, but my time spent with Anna is the best.  She reads her books to me or I watch her color.  She's no longer afraid of the dark because I sleep with her every night.  We are the best of friends/sisters!


Jake has settled in so fast, the first day here and he knew he ruled the roost! He sleeps in bed with me every night- even telling me when it's bedtime. He follows me around everywhere, he's like my little puppy shadow. The weekend we got him we started on training right away and even took him to a small event with us- where he stayed by my side and sat every time I asked him too! He is so smart- he's (mostly) mastered sit, we're working on "lay down", "paw", "stay", and "come". He is absolutely fabulous with our kitty, Kiwi (we think he's actually more intimidated of her!) and I couldn't ask for a better dog when it comes to getting along with other pups and my four year old niece. He really does surprise me every day. We get compliments everywhere we go based on his looks (of course) as well as his general demeanor and manners. He let a 90 year old couple gush over him at Bass Pro Shops- he was so well behaved. I really can't thank the Potter League enough. Not only was the adoption process smooth and bearable, but you guys helped me find my forever best friend (just don't tell Kiwi the kitty that!).


Greetings from Skylar

Hi! My name is Skylar and I could not be happier with my new family. I came to them as a very shy, nervous little girl; I was afraid of everything! Now I love chasing my chickens around, going on walks with mom, and going to the beach with sissy. I will lie down for as long as you want so I can have a treat! I am a silly energetic girl, but I Iove to lay in my sunroom on this lovely perch of mine. Thank you Potter League for taking such good care of me and finding me a great family! 



Muffin and Scruffy 

We are very happy in our forever home and we think Sam and Deanna really love us. We have complete run of the house (as you can see). We are very well behaved and they trust us, we haven't let them down yet! We get along with Emma and Rupert - the cats. They sometimes eat our food but we don't mind since we sometimes eat theirs. Our owners love to read so we are able to cuddle often which we enjoy doing. Since they are retired, they are able to give us their full attention. We get three long walks each day and Deanna's friend, Barbara, who is a power walker like us takes us for a longer walk once in a while. She also stays over when they go away so they have everything covered. We are very grateful that we were able to stay together since we are very attached to each other. We thank you for all the attention you gave us for the time we were in your care and we are very happy that things ended up so well for us.

Sincerely, Max and Maisie aka Muffin and Scruffy

Ruby and Cinnamon

Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Bonnie the Bunny. We adopted her from Potter League a few weeks ago hoping that she would be a good bond mate for our male bunny named Cinnamon Buns. I am so happy to say that they are now best buds. They only needed a few dates after being neighbors in separate ex-pens for about 2 weeks. They never fought, not even once. I was nervous about the introduction but it all went so well, I was very relieved. Bonnie is such a sweet spunky girl. My daughter renamed her Ruby. And now Ruby and Cinnamon are very happy sharing our living room and their huge bunny condo together. They get plenty of run around time every morning and evening, and plenty of room for their “Bunny 500” which is a nightly event.

Thanks for everything! Laura and Julia


Just wanted to send an update on Lucky, formerly known as Harley: He's adjusted just fine, is totally loveable, funny and full of energy. We just adore him and I know he adores us as he insists on sleeping literally right on top of me, scampering from the window perch, across the bedroom, up on the bed and up my body till he kisses me good night and lays down right on my chest. He loves our basement family room, which is set up as his toy box right now with lots of toy balls, mice, a box and a very high window that he likes. We have toys throughout the house, and window perches, but the basement family room is where we go down together every evening to tucker him out before bed. He also enjoys playing on the stairs and lounging just about anywhere between bursts of energy. He's very smart and loves to please. Thank you for everything, and we'll keep in touch!

Sincerely, Rene P

"When we came to the Potter League Andie was the first and only dog we considered. We just knew she was the one for us. Thank you for helping us complete our family!"

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