Staff & Board

Phone:  401.846.8276 (shelter)
           401.846.0592 (administrative office)

Executive Director:
 Brad Shear, ext 115
Director of Operations: Amy Chamard, ext 118
Director of Development: Erin O'Gara Dollard, ext 116
Director of Finance and Administration: Nancy Wrathall, ext 117
Director of Marketing, Communications and Outreach: Kara Montalbano, ext 114
Customer Care Manager: Pearl Gonzalez, ext 103
Animal Care Manager: Pam Collum, ext 104
Behavior Services Manager: Anastacia Southland, CPDT-KA, ext 123
Development Manager: Susan Ryan, ext 125
Volunteer Coordinator: Gail Lawson, ext106
Administrative Assistant: Jill Homen, ext 122
Administrative Assistant: Meredith Chapman, ext 119
Humane Educator: Eleanor Hanson, ext 120
Facilities Manager: Chris Rowe, ext 130

Senior Animal Care Associates:

Brittnie Coray
Nikole Meabe
Michelle D'Arcangelo

Animal Care Associates:

Austin Flis
Meghan Manter
Samantha Palumbo
Noah Rumbut

Veterinary Staff:

Director of Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Stephanie Kadasi, DVM, ext 128
Veterinary Technician: Jennifer Gallant, ext 128

Customer Care Associates:

Teri MacKinnon
Judie Porter
Blake Tower

2016-2017 Board of Directors

The board is the guardian of the organization’s mission. It is the board's responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community and to monitor the success of the organization in fulfilling its mission. The following individuals have volunteered their time and energy on behalf of the organization and we genuinely appreciate their commitment.

President: Mary Edwards (Portsmouth)
Vice-President: Joan Johnson-Freese (Newport)
David Thalmann (Newport)
Secretary: Leilani Brenner (Newport)

Richard L. Brickley (Boston/Newport)
Carolyn duPont (Newport)
David Enstone (Jamestown)
Michael Grandchamp (Portsmouth)
Patricia Heller (Newport)
Jean Ingraham (Portsmouth)
Robin Skuncik Jones (East Greenwich) 
Elena Kissel (New York/Newport)
Betsy Leslie (Middletown)  
Kara Malkovich (Newport)
Nancy Mayer (Bristol)
Ann Mencoff (Newport)
Barbara Odegaard (Portsmouth)
Noelle Shiland (Middletown)
Teryn Weintz (Newport/Plam Beach)

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Board Committees for 2016-2017

The bylaws of the organization have established a number of committees and our Strategic Plan necessitates various task forces work on specific projects. The charters for each outline the specified responsibilities and membership. The President of the Board of Directors appoints members to all committees.

Audit Committee (members appointed by Board President)
Development Committee* (composed of Board & Community Members)
Executive Committee (chaired by President, composed of the Officers)
Finance Committee* (chaired by the Treasurer, composed of Board & Community Members)
Governance Committee (composed of Board Members)
Advocacy & Public Policy Committee* (composed of Board, Staff & Community Members)

* These committees often have openings for members of community with a particular area of expertise. The responsibilities and the membership of the committees and task forces formed to help carry out our mission are dictated by the bylaws of the organization and our current program needs. The Board of Directors values the involvement and wisdom of the community and is fortunate to have community members serving as volunteers. For more information, please email


Phone: 401-846-8276
Fax: 401-846-0681
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